howardMy goal as an architect is to create an aesthetically pleasing environment that meets the functional needs of my clients within their stated budget. I guide my clients through all phases of their project to meet this goal.

During the design phase many elements are taken into consideration before we arrive at a final solution. These include the spatial and functional needs of the client, as well as the zoning, topography, landscaping, soil, drainage, orientation and access. Once the design is created, I take an active role in the approval process, consulting with the appropriate governing authorities.

Throughout the bidding and negotiating phrase I recommend and help my clients choose suitable contractors. I also prepare legal documents that insure the successful completion of the project. During the construction phase, I act as the client’s representative by interpreting the contract documents, resolving problems that may arise and approving payments to the contractor. I facilitate the successful completion of a project by insuring that all inspections have been made and that all approvals have been received. I also acquire the release of any legal and financial obligations related to the project.

As an architect I form a close relationship with my clients. I provide them with a high level of personal service. This enables them to feel a level of comfort moving through a process that is complicated, confusing, and often exciting, but unfamiliar.

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